Nice Start

Coach Stew and the 2008 Mountaineers did what they were supposed to do against ‘Nova in a surprising way ….. by passing.  Pat White bounced about four passes off the receivers’ chests so his “on target” ratio passing was phenomenal.  Since the Wildcast were loading up the box to stop the run, it made sense to pass but who knew Pat and his receivers would pass ’em senseless so to speak.  A+ offensive performance.

The D really only allowed 14 points since the last touchdown was with one second to go and the reserves were in.  Considering the new faces on defense this was truly a good job as well.  Mr. Ivy is going to be a big, big player this year.  Take that to the bank.

Finally, Pat the Foot/Toe was punching canon shots all over the place.  From about the 35 he made one but there was a penalty.  Went back five yards and did it again with what looked like an even longer kick.  Forget about Pitt last year; Patrick is going to be a big part of all WVU wins to come.

Once again some of the fans were drunk, rude and classless.  It is a shame that so many people have stopped going to games because the fan behavior is (a) unpleasant and (b) something kids don’t need to see and hear.  I hope the administration and Coach Stew will take every opportunity to lecture the fans on how true champions don’t belittle the opposition …they just beat ’em, smile and invite them back next year! 

Too bad Rich lost his season opener at home.  Four million bucks just doesn’t buy what it used to!

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