One World Order Revisited

In this period of global economic stagnation, I am reminded of an aspect of U.S. history.

The problem in Europe has often centered on the fact that Germany, for example, doesn’t want its money and credit used to rescue Greece, Italy, etc.  Now, in America, if Mississippi is in the doldrums we have a federal system that allows credit and money to flow to our fellow citizens in Mississippi.

But there was a time when that couldn’t happen.  From 1777 until 1789 we had Articles of Confederation and Perpetual Union.  That system of independent sovereign states was deemed totally inadequate to fulfill the goals of a nation which needed to grow and expand.  Hmm….grow and expand.  Where do we keep hearing those words these days?

Well, for years we have recoiled at the horror of the secret cabal attempting to institute a new ONE WORLD ORDER.  Oh the horror….the horror. 

If there was a one world order then India and Greece would be part of a global (read federal) system just like Mississippi and Ohio are part of a federal (read global) system.

Maybe all these evil, rich industrialists, bankers and politicos who advocate a one world order are not really plotting to enslave us all but rather they see the problems of nation states attempting to resolve economic problems as being quite similar to the problems of states attempting (and failing) to resolve economic problem under the Articles of Confederation.


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