Points to Ponder

When my generation starts to retire, some will experience the empty horror of “crackberry withdrawal.”  Right now, the ever present Blackberry or iPhone constantly has business related messages all day long.  Now some people even put the thing on vibrate and can’t resist checking it each and every time it wiggles.  Now when this largely irrevelent barrage stops when these people retire, these folks will freak out.  They will feel alone, isolated and no longer worthwhile because no one is communicating with them.  Therapist will start treating this new disorder.

Do you think we are experiencing a gold bubble?  No one seems to be talking about that but the price just seems to go up and up without end.  Sound famiiar?  Real estate always goes up.  Remember that?  If interest rates every go back up to five or six percent for certificates of deposit, the gold bubble will “burst” big time.  After all, gold doesn’t pay a dividend, gold doesn’t pay interest, gold doesn’t represent a work force or assets.  Gold is basically valuable because we think it is.  You sure can’t eat it or use it to heat your home or power your car.  So don’t be all that surprised when the price of gold drops and tons of folks lose millions of dollars.  It will happen.


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