Are You Old Enough to Remember

When cars had side vent windows?  Whatever happened to those I wonder?

When about one or two o’clock at night, the TV station would sign off and after playing The Star Spangled Banner with an American flag waving on the screen, we got the test pattern?  There are several generations out there that probably don’t have any idea what a test pattern is.

When gas stations gave you green stamps?

When most men wore tie tacks or tie clips to hold their necktie in place?

When movie theaters had double features?

When people dressed up to fly on airplanes?

When the evening news on TV was a fifteen minute program?

When milk was delivered to your back door?

When you couldn’t do what you are doing now because there were no computers, no Internet and the word “blog” did not exist?


One thought on “Are You Old Enough to Remember”

  1. You have made me feel old. Our family ran a gas station, but instead of giving green stamps, the station gave out glasses and even punch bowl sets. We have had many glasses and punch bowls over the years that were part of those promotions.
    I certainly miss the vent windows. I guess AC took care of that need. I still have a few tie tics around in the drawer (never liked them much).
    I wonder what kind of changes we will find in the next 30 years?

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